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A tattoo is a story told by an incision on our skin, that which separates the world within us – who we are, what we believe in, where we belong – and the world that surrounds us. Some people will use a tattoo to hold on to thoughts and feelings they never want to forget, events that have marked their life and to remind them of everything they’ve been through and how far they’ve come, what they’ve managed to survive. Others will get tattooed for ornamental purposes, for breaking the rules or for fashion – even then, a tattoo is a reflection of a person’s wishes, hopes, dreams, it communicates with other people while sending a message about who we are or who we long to be. On the level needs, nobody is sinful, because people don’t choose their needs – needs are born from that person’s current life. On this level, we recognise each other and truly understand each other.

NGO Vida, Croatia, whose main line of action is working with drug addicts, in collaboration with Zajednica Susret (an organization which specialises in addiction treatment) from Split, Croatia and photographer Eni Brušnjak, prepared a collection of photographs of tattoos which belong to rehabilitated former drug addicts, followed by a collection of stories about how the tattoos were made. At the same time, other tattoo lovers are also encouraged to join by sending their own photos and stories, in order to emphasize that on the level of tattoos, we are all the same – today, when we are talking about tattoos, there is no more difference between “us” and “them”, there is only us.

Collected stories talk about emotions, reflections and needs of people who had their tattoos made – they talk about who those people wanted to become, what mattered in the past opposed to what is important today. Sometimes, they tell a story about wanting to cover up past mistakes, always with the knowledge that a cover up can’t ever be anything else than that – a cover up of past misconceptions and errors. It can’t ever be better than a compromise between what it once was and what we now want it to be. Whatsoever, the need to get more tattoos that will represent us in the present or determine who we will be in the future isn’t subsiding, because the story never ends. And neither does our longing to share it.

“Moje slike moji snovi”
Galerija Decumanus – Krk

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“Fotkam ti priču”
Book caffe “Dnevni boravak” 

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“Fotkam ti priču”
Sedmi Tattoo expo Rijeka 

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 “Moje slike moji snovi”
gradsko Korzo Rijeka

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